The bar is the main artery of the Old Ale House. You will notice no stools, standing room only (three deep at times) – the original taps, no longer in use. The old ice chest, houses sodas, the only drink other than ale permissible. You'll find no cash register at McSorley's – there's never been one and probably never will. A sign above states "We Trust Here" and shows a pig's behind! Above the bar, wishbones gather many generations worth of dust from their perch on the old gas lamp. Look closely and you'll spot an original wanted poster for Abe Lincoln's assassin as well as Babe Ruth's farewell photo from Yankee stadium (a donation from the photographer-a regular himself).

The legendary backroom (where the ale flowed during prohibition), is adorned with the infamous, and very risque (for its time), portrait of a nude with her parrot. Until 1970, she was the only female regular in the place! The old fireplace is also in the backroom-that's where the original owner-John McSorley held court (as witnessed in a well-known John Sloan sketch nearby). Above the fireplace is the McSorley's motto Ð "Be Good or Be Gone", as well as a portrait of Peter Cooper, founder of Cooper Union. There have been few structural changes to the Old Ale House, the kitchen being a glaring exception. With the Supreme Court ruling of 1970 (allowing women entry into McSorley's), the bathroom became coed. Sixteen years later, a ladies room was installed, displacing the galley. The kitchen's current niche is the only significant addition to the original layout. Pub fare at McSorley's is as consistent as everything else about the place. A daily menu has been established (and posted on two chalkboards) Ð the prices are as reasonable as the food is fine.

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