Indulge yourself, if you will, on a virtual tour of America's oldest, continuously operated bar. There are no bad seats (providing you can get one) and no bad views. From the ceiling to the sawdust strewn floor. From every wall, to each nook-and-cranny – history pours as freely as ale from the taps.


  The spirits of ex-presidents, society figure heads, entertainers and athletes mingle with the working class, the poets and the artists – with a healthy smattering of cats tossed in for good measure! There is vastly more than meets the eye and certainly more than a single visit or even a hundred can possibly reveal. The inspiration for numerous books, paintings and poems, McSorley's retains, to this day, a static serenity. It is an oasis in an age of disposable objects, quick fixes and attention spans that sputter and stall in short order.

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