Dorothy and Harry Kirwan's son Danny begins his apprenticeship at the bar.

While visiting Ireland Harry Kirwan's car breaks down. He is picked up on the road by Matthew Maher. Harry promises him a job in New York. Matty goes to NY to work as a waiter and bartender at McSorley's.

McSorley's Old Ale house is sued to allow women to enter.

McSorley's under order of the court and law from the city council considers becoming a private club, but relents to the pressure and opens its doors to women. There are no restrooms for the women. Danny Kirwan wants his mother to be the first woman served. She refuses citing the promise she made her father. Predictions of the end of McSorley's are heard around the world.

Dorothy Kirwan dies

Harry Kirwan dies. McSorley's old Ale house now belongs to their "beloved son" as Harry refers to him, Danny Kirwan.

Matthew Maher, night manager of McSorley's buys the place from Danny Kirwan. It is now
owned by the third family since opening.

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